Banh Mi
Lemongrass Chicken, Slow Roasted Pork , or Tofu

A foot long French baguette served with one of the protein options, pickled carrots and daikon radish-giving it a little of a sweet and crunchy taste. In addition, you'll enjoy the, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, and homemade mayo (lime mayo or spicy lime mayo) to round out this delicate layers of flavors! It is the perfect on the go meal.

Lemongrass Chicken, Slow Roasted Pork , or Tofu

This is a carb friendly sister to the Banh Mi. All the ingredients are identical, just switch out the baguette with 3 flour tortillas. Don't let the size fool you, these suckers will pack a punch and fill you up!

Vermicelli Noodles
Lemongrass Chicken, Slow Roasted Pork , or Tofu

Vermicelli is a thin white noodle. The noodles are served cold and are topped with the same ingredients that are offered in the Banh Mi. Just switch out the homemade mayo for our homemade lemongrass dressing and you have yourself a totally different tasting meal. Given the noodle's light quality, you feel full but never weighed down.

Lemongrass Chicken, Slow Roasted Pork , or Tofu

If you're looking for all the great Vietnamese food minus all the carbs, our salad is the thing for you. Pick a protein to sit on top of a bed of green leaf lettuce, pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumbers and cilantro The salad is topped with our homemade lemongrass dressing to tie all the flavors together. Definitely a crowd favorite!

Bubble Tea

The bubbles are super sized tapioca similar to the tapioca you see in tapioca pudding. The bubbles are more sweet and because of its size, a little chewy. The concept is unique, but once you've tried it, you're going to want bubbles in everything you drink. It just makes drinking fun! We've picked 3 best sellers to offer; Iced Coffee, Thai Tea, and Green Tea. Give it a try and see what the hype is about!

Soda/Water Taco a la carte

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